About Us

What to Expect

At LFN, we find value in both tradition and innovation. As such, our worship is not defined by any one genre of music. We believe that the God Who inspired in the past is still inspiring now. So expect to encounter music and other rhythms of worship that are both tested and new. Having said that, we are forward-leaning in worship and believe that a church is most effective in the community when it continues to grow and learn new things.


We are Kingdom-oriented, not partisan. This means that our allegiance is not firstly to nation or party, but to God. No matter your country of birth, no matter your race, no matter your political affiliation, we desire to have you as part of our diverse congregation. 


We want our church to look like Heaven will be. This means we value different cultures, races, and economic walks of life! We believe that a church is most fulfilled when it does the difficult work of embracing, understanding, and learning from people from every walk of life. 


True ministry happens outside the walls of the physical Church. We faithfully gather every week to encourage one another, worship God, receive strength and direction from His Word so that we can then enter into the spaces outside the walls of the church. What happens inside the church is not the end goal. Similar to school, it is the starting point, or the preparatory grounds for a lifetime of service.


Every believer should have a place of ministry in the church and community. It’s not sufficient to just “come” to church. Every believer should have a place of connection, a place of service within the body and within the community! This is how and where we live out our faith and our giftings!