Women’s Bible Study

Our women’s Bible study meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:00 p.m. This study is open to any woman of any age or background. This study, beginning on Wednesday, March 3rd, is titled “Created.” This is a time dedicated to prayer, fellowship, and growth, both personally and as part of the church community.


“Creation began with a breath. And God is still breathing into us today, still creating and making us new.
Created, the first study in the Breathe series, deals with the echo of creation. It takes far more than the first chapters in Genesis to contain the story of God’s creative activity in the world. They are only the preface of an elaborate story of our Creator God, a story that is alive still today and calls us to surrender to God’s desire to make things new.
Created will help you gain a perspective on how all of Scripture works together to tell God’s big story. It will help you see where God is at work in the world, allowing you to delight in God’s creativity in both Scripture and life.”