Women’s Bible Study

Our women’s Bible study meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:15 p.m. This study is open to any woman of any age or background. This study, beginning on Wednesday, October 7, is titled “Everyday Christian: Living Like Christ Seven Days a Week.” This is a time dedicated to prayer, fellowship, and growth, both personally and as part of the church community.

In this study, we will answer the questions…

What does it mean to be a Christian at home, at play, and in the workplace? In what ways does being a Christian guide you to a healthier lifestyle? What is your role in helping the needy? 
Session 1: Being Christian at Home
Session 2: Being Christian in the Workplace
Session 3: Being Christian at Play
Session 4: Being Environmentally Conscious
Session 5: Living Healthy
Session 6: Helping the Needy
Session 7: Creating a Christian Worldview