Sunday Evening Small Group

Every Sunday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. beginning on Sunday, September 18th, and ending just before Thanksgiving, we join as a small group to work through Having the Mind of Christ by Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke. We enjoy a light snack and fellowship, and discuss what it means to truly see how Christ sees.
“In Having the Mind of Christ we will begin to frame how Jesus saw and experienced the world; we want to see God and the world like Jesus does. This empowers our participation in God’s life and our ability to grow in love. This is how we have the mind of Christ – operating with His paradigm and assumptions in the world – and it unlocks our capacity to be steadily transformed into the Christlike love of God by the power of the Spirit. To put it conversely, if we have paradigms that differ from Jesus’, we won’t be able to have the mind of Christ and we’ll misunderstand what He’s doing and misapply His teaching.
We must learn to pay attention not just to what we see but to how we see. This can be hard to learn to do, but we’ve observed over and over that hard work in this pays off. Those who want to see how they see will discover that it is possible.”  -Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke
Download the study guide by following this link: