Ruth Newby Food Pantry

Helping Our Community

The Ruth Newby Food Pantry is an outreach of the Lebanon First church of the Nazarene. Our first priority is to help those who have needs for assistance in the church, Secondly we help those in our community who have needs and have contacted someone from the church for assistance. Thirdly we partner with Love INC, which refers people on an appointment basis to the food pantry for assistance. others in our church and in the community who need food to feed their families.


Newby Food Pantry is thankful of the support of our local ministry partners in our community. The food pantry has received support and donations from churches and individuals throughout the community. We are greatly appreciative of this help, and desire to help others by serving those in our community that have needs.

These staple items are generally always needed for the food pantry. We appreciate anyone who can assist us in filling these needs. The currently needed Items needed are:

  1. MEAT, fresh or frozen (Currently our biggest need)
    1. Ground Beef
    2. Ground Turkey
    3. fresh/frozen Chicken (breasts, parts)
    4. etc.
  2. MEAT, canned or other
    1. Tuna in Water
    2. Chicken in Water
    3. Spam
    4. etc.
    1. Green Beans
    2. Corn
    3. Peas
    4. Mixed Vegetables
    5. Carrots
    6. Diced Tomatoes, all kinds
    7. Tomato Sauce
    8. Canned Fruit, all kinds
    9. etc.
    1. Soups, all kinds
    2. Chili
    3. Manwich
    4. Pasta Sauce
    5. etc.
    1. Pork and Beans
    2. Kidney Beans
    3. Red Beans
    4. White Beans
    5. Chili Beans
    6. Pinto Beans
    7. Black Beans
    8. Refried Beans
    9. etc.
    1. mashed potatoes
    2. potato sides (scalloped, etc)
    3. pasta sides
    4. Breakfast Cereals
    5. Instant Oatmeal - Packages
    6. Hamburger Helper/Skillet Dinners
    7. cake mixes
    8. pancake mix
    9. etc.
    1. Frozen Entrees/TV Meals
    2. Frozen Fruit
    3. Frozen Vegetables
    4. Frozen Pizzas
    5. Fish Sticks
    6. etc.
    1. Peanut Butter (Creamy)
    2. Sandwich Bread
    3. Pancake Syrup
    4. Cooking Oil/Vegetable Oil
    5. Ketchup
    6. mustard
    7. etc.
    1. baby food
    2. infant formula
    3. baby wipes
    4. diapers
    5. etc.
    1. paper towels
    2. toilet paper
    3. kleenex
    4. toiletries
    5. Hand dish soap
    6. Automatic dishwasher soap
    7. etc.

Food Pantry Hours:

Food pantry hours are scheduled for two Saturdays and two Tuesdays each month. Tuesday hours are from 6pm to 7pm, while Saturday hours are from Noon to 2pm; See the church calendar for dates or call the church for information. If you have a need outside of these hours contact the church.

How can I get food if I need it?

Meeting the needs of those in need within our church have always been a primary purpose of the food pantry. However we also wish to serve anyone in the community that is in need of help. The food pantry receives referrals from church members who have identified needs in the church of community and we also receive referrals from Love INC. Anyone who is in need of food for their family can inquire on assistance from the Newby Food Pantry by contacting Love INC. of Boone County, or by contacting the church directly.

How can I participate in helping this ministry?

You can help out in any way. Food Donations are always accepted. Please consult the list above for needed items. From Time to time this list may be updated as needs change. You can also give monetarily. Please write 'Food Pantry' on the memo line of your check or giving envelope. You can also donate your time. Your assistance in receiving and distributing food Food distributions, Stocking and Storing all helps. Call Missy Schuermann if you would like to help.

What kind of foods should I donate?

Please be mindful of what you donate most people would not know what to do with a can of bamboo shoots or artichoke hearts. There are a lot of "interesting" products on the market, it is best to stick with the staples, which are the things we need these most of all. See the list at the top of the page for more info on what is needed right now, and will be updated based upon the needs of the food pantry.

Please pray for our ministry

We cannot stress enough how important your prayers are. Please pray. We appreciate you remembering this ministry in your prayers. Please pray that God would use this ministry to reach out to those in need, that He use it to bring the 'Good News' of Jesus Christ to those that desperately need it, and that He would bless this ministry and allow it to grow.